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24 November 2009: Held at the office of the Swiss Mission in New York, the 3rd high-level luncheon on Crisis Information Management (CiM) was co-organised by the Office of Information and Communications Technology at the UN, the Swiss Mission to the UN and the ICT4Peace Foundation. It was co-chaired by UN ASG and CITO Dr. Soon-Hong Choi and Ambassador of Switzerland Peter Maurer.

Around twenty-five participants were present at the luncheon meeting. These included high level Representatives from Finland, the US, Egypt, Malaysia, Russia Canada, the European Union as well representatives from key UN agencies including UNICEF, DSS, DPKO and OCHA.

Presentations and updates on the CiM strategy were made by Dr. Choi, Dr. Daniel Stauffacher, Chairman of the ICT4Peace Foundation and Mr. Sanjana Hattotuwa, Special Advisor to the ICT4Peace Foundation.