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Dr. Eneken Tikk, Senior Advisor, ICT4Peace Foundation, gave a keynote adress on 12 July 2012 at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore, on “Reconciling Westphalia and Cyberspace: ICT and Security Developments Between 1969 and 2012”.

This presentation was part of a conference titled: “The Future of Sovereignty in Cyberspace: Developing a Global Architecture for Cybersecurity”.

In her keynote Dr. Tikk reminded the audience, that the Internet architecture was originally based on trust and mutual assurance, but soon crossed the borders of initial expectations to the project becoming a global symbiosis of men and machines. Her presentation looked at the milestones of the development of Internet infrastructure and the ICT becoming an object of national and international political, legal and military affairs. It addressed the implications of the use of ICTs from the perspective of national sovereignty and jurisdiction and explained the legal and policy frameworks surrounding the notion of ‘cyber security’.

Dr. Tikk also participated in a panel discussion on “Potential Domains of Conflict”. The discussion points addressed current international processes addressing different aspects of cyber security – such as the ‘cyber arms control’ discussion at the UN First Committee, Internet governance discussions at ITU as well as selected regional developments (e.g. the update plans related to the Budapest Convention, the EU cyber security strategy development, NATO’s approach to cyber defence etc.) and how they fit the global cyber security picture. The aim of this presentation was to familiarize the audience with different international cyber security processes and add clarity to the mandate of each international organization in global cyber security.

Dr. Eneken Tikk joined the ICT4Peace Foundation as a Senior Advisor to the ICT4Peace Foundation Programme on Cyber-Security. The mission of this Programme is the study and promotion of Peace in the Cyberspace.