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The ICT4Peace Foundation's crisis information management wiki on Libya was created over a month ago. The first of its kind on the web at the time of its launch, and to date, one of the most comprehensive curated list of resources on Libya, the wiki features hundreds of data points on,

  • Background information on Libya and UN operations
  • Key UN contacts
  • Key situation reports, including from UN OCHA
  • A plethora of carefully curated Twitter feeds and other social media updates in English
  • Videos, photos and podcasts
  • Mainstream media news updates, including streams and content from Al Jazeera, New York Times, BBC, France24 and CNN.
  • Discoverable and free GIS / mapping resources
  • Google Maps mashups
  • Ways to help IDPs and refugees

To coincide with the end of the Standby Volunteer Task Force's active participation in the live crisis mapping support for Libya, of which the Foundation was also a part of, we updated the wiki for the final time today.

Over a month, the 2011 Libyan Unrest wiki was viewed online well over two thousand times. As with our previous crisis information management wikis on disasters, it was also shared widely over email, Facebook and Twitter.

We have produced a comprehensive PDF of all the resources in the wiki. This is an invaluable document for journalists and researchers to access content of enduring value and relevance.

Download the PDF here.

2011 Libyan Uprising Wiki (Final Update)