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Strategic Foresight Group is pleased to convene an action initiative on business, peace and sustainability. The fi rst step is to convene an international conference on Responsibility to the Future: Business, Peace, Sustainability in Mumbai, India, on 26-28 June 2008. It aims to bring together some of the leading intellectuals and innovators in the world to understand emerging problems facing humanity, conceptualise response strategies, develop approaches to measure economic benefi ts of peace for companies, and construct mechanisms to engage business leaders in efforts to build sustainable peace.

The conference will erive from ground-breaking research by Strategic Foresight Group in emerging issues for the next decade and scientifi c
examination of relationship between business, development and peace. With such an intellectual foundation, the conference will focus on three streams of future economy for innovative problem-solving initiatives: (1) Innovation in knowledge economy - education media, ICT technologies for peace (2) Environmental challenges for peace (3) Responsible Investments. With a view to respond to emerging challenges in the context of these three streams, the conference will (1) launch practical collaborative initiatives where India plays an important partnership role and (2) identify an agenda for further research and multi-stakeholder dialogues at the global level.

Thus, the conference aims to contribute to thought leadership in the global space while initiating discussions on practical initiatives in the specific Indian collaborative space. It sees peace and sustainability as actionable objectives in the context of economic progress and not merely lofty ideals. The conference is thus a result-oriented exercise - and not merely an event.