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The ICT4Peace Foundation carefully curates a collection of unique and widely acclaimed wikis geared towards the humanitarian aid community as well as media and policy makers. They feature vital information from government, the UN system in the disaster / crisis stricken area, other NGOs, the World Bank, comprehensive situation reports, mapping information and GIS data, photos, video, who/what/where information and links to domestic and international media coverage.

Each CiM wiki usually features, inter alia,

  • Background information, including any UN operations
  • Key UN contacts
  • Key situation reports, including from UN OCHA
  • A plethora of carefully curated Twitter feeds and other social media updates in English
  • Videos, photos and podcasts
  • Mainstream media news updates, including streams and content from Al Jazeera, New York Times, BBC, France24 and CNN.
  • Discoverable and free GIS / mapping resources
  • Google Maps mashups
  • Ways to help IDPs and refugees

The latest wiki is on the on-going crisis in Mali. Access it here.