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Sanjana Hattotuwa, Special Advisor to the ICT4Peace Foundation was invited by Crisis Mappers to deliver an online presentation on ICT and peacebuilding as part of a webinar series on crisis mapping. Sanjana's presentation focussed on the failures and challenges of his work in Sri Lanka for over ten years using ICTs to bear witness to violence, in citizen journalism, in electoral democracy and in response to disasters.

As Sanjana notes in this blog post, the penultimate slide of his presentation engaged the audience the most and was developed from the tweets he authored live on the ICT4Peace Foundation’s account during the Crisis Mappers conference in Boston, in October last year. Download a PDF of these tweets here.

Like Sanjana, the ICT4Peace Foundation also believes that these issues require robust interrogation, along the lines of the critical report of the Haiti response released in 2010 titled Haiti and beyond: Getting it right in Crisis Information Management.