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Geneva Dialogue on Cybersecurity
Protecting Critical Infrastructure against Cyberattacks

In partnership with the Swiss Ministry of Defence and the East West Institute

Press Release

17 April 2012: The Geneva Security Forum successfully completed its 2012 Dialogue on Protecting Critical Infrastructure against Cyberattacks in Geneva with high-level participation from Switzerland, the US, China, Canada, Mexico and key representatives from critical infrastructure businesses, academia, civil society, and the media.

Discussions focused on addressing global interdependencies and risks in the protection of critical infrastructure, risk management, national best practices and the strategic agendas of the key cyber players including the US, China and Russia.

Participants agreed to continue the Geneva Dialogue process, establishing a forum for the exchange of national and corporate experiences in the protection of critical infrastructure and for the discussion of national cyber policies at an international strategic level.

For further information please contact Barbara Weekes, CEO, Geneva Security Forum, Switzerland