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The ICT4Peace Foundation was a partner in the organisation of the UN OCHA +5 Symposium (see presentation here), which has just released its Final Statement and Outcomes document.

As noted in OCHA Press Release on the occasion of the public release of these two documents:

"It it my great pleasure to provide you with the Global Symposium +5 'Information for Humanitarian Action' Final Statement and its accompanying Outcomes document.

These documents represent a common vision of the central role of information, analysis and exchange in support of effective humanitarian preparedness response and recovery. It builds upon the community of practice of the Humanitarian Information Network (HIN) and will guide us in future years. Thank you to everyone for your input.

As agreed, OCHA will now develop an Action Plan in consultation with the IASC and HIN partners by March 2008. This Action Plan will take into account the recommendations from the Symposium and list them in order of priority with focal points assigned, as well as deadlines. The Symposium Final Report will also be distributed early next year."

Please download the Global Symposium +5 'Information for Humanitarian Action' Final Statement here and the Outcomes document here.