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Ambassador (ret.) Paul Meyer (Moderator) and Dr. Eneken Tikk (on the far right)

ICT4Peace, along with a number of representatives from think-tanks, academia, civil society organisations and the private sector participated in the OSCE Swiss Government Chairmanship Event on ICT CBMs: Promoting implementation, supporting negotiations, held in Vienna, Austria on 7 November 2014.

Paul Meyer, Ambassador (Ret.), Simon Fraser University, Canada, and Dr. Eneken Tikk, Senior Fellow for  Cybersecurity, IISS, Camino Kavanagh, all Senior Advisors to the ICT4Peace Foundation as well  Daniel Stauffacher, President, participated in the event.

ICT4Peace commends the OSCE for engaging non-government actors on ICT CBMs and looks forward to future collaboration as the organization moves towards implementing the existing set of CBMS agreed on in December 2013, and in shaping a new set.
The ICT4Peace Foundation has for several years called for  an increased role of civil society in ICT’s, Norms and Confidence Building Measures in the context of international Security. See its latest publications on these issues here.
Through its own work, including its policy briefs and training courses for diplomats across regions, ICT4Peace will continue to support this process as well as other international and regional processes relating to the development and implementation of CBMs, norms and capacity building currently underway. For further information on this work, see here.
In particular, ICT4Peace President Daniel Stauffacher informed about the launching of the first ever Training course on Cybersecurity Diplomacy in Colombia in cooperation with the Organisation of American States (OAS) on 18 to 20 November in Bogota. More information can be found here.