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ICT4Peace was invited by The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research to participate in its 2015 Cyber Stability Conference entitled “Regime Coherence” on 9 July 2015, Palais des Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland. The Agenda you find here.

This year’s conference aimed to support discussions on how current and future norm-setting cyber initiatives can be coordinated to further the development of a pragmatic global approach to cyber stability and avoid being in unintentional conflict with one another. The conference brought together stakeholders from the Geneva diplomatic community, cyber industry, and capital-based policymakers to discuss and explore ways in which the cyber community can better align strategic goals, and promote a stable and secure cyber environment. From ICT4Peace the following colleagues participated:

  1. Ms. Camino Kavanagh, Senior Advisor, ICT4Peace Foundation, chaired the panel entitled:" UN Machinery: A Strategic Approach to Understanding Cyber?”
  2. Dr. Eneken Tikk-Ringas, IISS, and Senior Advisory, ICT4Peace, chaired the Panel entitled: "Avoiding Dissonance: A Round Table on Future Inter-Regional Collaboration” and participated in the Panel entitled: “Cyber and International Law” on the topic "The Quest for New Norms: State Exercise of Normative Power”.
  3. Dr. Daniel Stauffacher, President, ICT4Peace Foundation, participated in the Panel entitled: "New Approaches to Cyber Stability” on the topic: "The Future of Cyber Stability: A Civil Society Perspective”. His presentation can be found here.

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