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During the month of June ICT4Peace participated in a number of events related to its global project on ICT and international peace and security.

These included UNIDIR’s Annual Cyber Stability Conference where a presentation was made by ICT4Peace Senior Advisor, Dr. Camino Kavanagh on norms and international security, with a specific focus on the work of the Group of Governmental Experts and the UN GA’s First Committee on Disarmament and International Security.

Earlier that same week, Dr. Kavanagh participated in the Geneva International Security Forum, where she was invited to speak on a panel chaired by DCAF entitled Global Cyber Governance.
Sponsored by Zurich’s ETH, Dr. Kavanagh’s presentation focused on the topic of emerging norms in responding to terrorist use of ICT and cyberspace - from content-related issues to potential terrorist attacks against critical infrastructure - with a specific focus on the private sector and public-private partnerships.

On 27-29 June, she and ICT4Peace researcher Adam Hadley, made a similar presentation at a NATO Advanced Research Workshop hosted by the University of Swansea and Dublin City University entitled ‘Terrorist Use of ICT: Assessment and Response’.

More information on the work of ICT4Peace in the field of ICT and Peace and Security can be found here.