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3 - 6 November 2009: Dr. Daniel Stauffacher and Mr. Sanjana Hattotuwa from the ICT4Peace Foundation were invited to participate in a field mission to Haiti by Dr. Soon-Hong Choi, UN CITO/ASG. The mission was organized by Mr. Rudy Sanchez, Director, Information and Communications Technology Division, DPKO. At meetings in Port au Prince, Gonaives and Les Cayes, Dr. Choi outlined three specific goals for his visit as follows: 

  1. to understand how ICT is used to support the work of MINUSTAH; 
  2. to dialogue with those involved in crisis management and crisis information management at MINUSTAH and
  3. to widen the scope of that dialogue to NGO’s, governments and other relevant stakeholders. 

Dr. Choi also gave an overview of the CiM strategy which the ICT4Peace Foundation helped create.