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10 January 2014: The ICT4Peace Foundation is honoured to have been invited  to join the The Geneva Internet Platform, the Permanent Mission of Finland to the UN, DCAF, the GCSP, DiploFoundation, the University of Geneva, and other partners, to launch a series of events throughout 2015, entitled Geneva Cybersecurity Days. The series will bring together representatives of states; international organisations; experts; the corporate, academic, and technical sectors; and civil society, to discuss various challenges at national, regional, and global level related to cybersecurity. The Geneva Cybersecurity Days should increase awareness and further develop a global response to cybersecurity challenges along the lines of the Geneva Message on Strengthening Internet Governance.

The first Geneva Cybersecurity Day will take place on 15 January. Venue: DiploFoundation, 7 bis, Avenue de la Paix, Geneva (2nd floor). For further details of the Programme please refer to here.

The experts of the ICT4Peace Foundation have been active in this emerging field since several years with advising Governments and International Organisations, organising Conferences, participating in intergovernmental dialogues and first of all publishing cutting edge and forward looking reports on cybersecurity affairs. A few examples of our activities can be found here. Some publications can also be found here.