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On 21 April 2015, Daniel Stauffacher, President of ICT4Peace was invited to give a presentation on the "Role of Civil Society, Private Sector and Academia in furthering Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) in Cyberspace" at the Lomonosov University Moscow annual Garmisch-Partenkirchen Conference. The Conference brings together experts from Russia, USA, UK, Germany, Japan Korea, Estonia, Finland, Italy, France, Switzerland etc. to discuss inter alia the following topics:

  1. Proposals on Frameworks for Adaptation of International Law to Conflicts in Cyberspace;
  2. Improving the Information Security of Critical Infrastructures: Possible Initiatives;
  3. Legal and Technical aspects of ensuring Stability, Reliability and Security of the Internet;
  4. Challenges of countering the threat of the use of social media for interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states (extremism, radicalization, etc.);
  5. National Priorities and Business Approaches (IT-industry) in the sphere of International Information Security System Development.

The presentation by Daniel Stauffacher can be found here.

In his presentation, Daniel Stauffacher proposed concrete actions in the following areas of work for civil society, private sector and academia in furthering Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) in cyberspace: i) Transparency and Accountability; ii) Participation; and iii) Deepening the Knowledge Base.

ICT4Peace has published the following report on the role of civil society in furthering confidence building in English here and in Spanish here.

ICT4Peace in 2013 also published a comprehensive overview of possible CBM’s in Cyberspace, which can be found here.