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ICT4Peace is organizing a special session at the Seoul Conference on Cyberspace on 17 October 2013 at the COEX Conference Center to discuss how the international and regional cybersecurity processes can be made more inclusive of and also more relevant to the cybersecurity concerns and priorities of a broader range of state and non-state actors in support of a prosperous, secure and resilient cyberspace.

International and regional organizations such as the UN, the OSCE and ARF have bolstered efforts aimed at reaching international understanding of responsible state behaviour and confidence building measures (CBMs) as well as capacity building with regard to cyberspace and its uses, and increase trust and confidence in cyberspace. Achieving and sustaining a secure cyberspace and the economic and social benefits provided by ICTs will require significant support from a range of actors spanning governments, industry, academia and civil society.

Chaired by Daniel Stauffacher, President, and moderated by Dr. Eneken Tikk-Ringas, Senior Advisor of the ICT4Peace Foundation the session will feature brief opening remarks by senior representatives from government, the private sector and academia and we invite comments from a distinguished audience. The session will be summarized in a special report and its main findings will be shared with the conference participants in the plenary session.

This session is inter alia intended to kick off a forward-looking, multi-stakeholder process focused on cybersecurity norms. Key discussion questions will include a) which fora – new or existing – are best positioned to drive a global cybersecurity norms process; b) what norms are needed for which spectrum of behavior in cyberspace; and c) how such processes can best leverage private sector, academic and other non-governmental forms of engagement and expertise. The session will also introduce the work of ICT4Peace work in the field of confidence building measures (CBMs).