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ICT4Peace Foundation was invited to contribute to the Workshop on Regional Cybersecurity Policies organised by the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) and Organisation of American States (OAS) on 22 to 24 October in Washington, DC. The detailed agenda can be found here and the related press release here.



In 2012, the governments of the Americas signed the declaration on "Strengthening Cyber Security in the Americas," in which they expressed concern about the growing threats to cyber security and reiterated their support of the Comprehensive Inter-American Cyber Security Strategy, previously adopted in 2004.  Given the importance of cyber security for the socio-economic progress of the people of Latin America and the Caribbean, the IDB and the Organization of American States (OAS) are joining efforts to support governments in the region in the design and implementation of strategies to successfully address the cyber security challenges.  This workshop brought together officials at the management level responsible for the design and implementation of national cyber security policies in the region, along with experts from academia and the private sector. It aimed to: 1) promote the exchange of experiences and technical knowledge of Member States on cyber policy issues; 2) define the elements of a cyber security policy agenda for the region; and 3) prepare for the 2015 meeting of cyber security authorities.

Dr. Eneken Tikk, Senior Fellow for Cyber Security at IISS, London and Senior Advisor, ICT4Peace Foundation was invited to Chair a Panel on Multiple Approaches to a Cyber Security Strategy and Daniel Stauffacher, President, ICT4Peace Foundation made a presentation on the Role of Non-Governmental Organisations in Improving Cybersecurity. His presentation can be found here.

ICT4Peace entered a cooperation with the OAS to hold a first of its kind workshop and training course on Cyber Security Diplomacy in Colombia in November 2014.

Please find also the selected publications and updates of ICT4Peace Program on Rights and Security  since 2011 here.