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"Do you believe that the better use of technology can strengthen peace processes to the extent that there will be more peace 5 years hence than today?

Yes indeed. ICTs and in particular web 2.0 will create even more transparency and efficient tools for actors in the field of conflict prevention, mediation, conflict resolution and peace building."

Daniel Stauffacher, in conversation with Sanjana Hattotuwa , explores vital tenets of ICT4Peace. From ideas to action, Daniel Stauffacher explains the raison d'etre of ICT4Peace, where it is heading, the key challenges and vital opportunities for Information and Communications Technology in peacebuilding, conflict mitigation and other facets of the Foundation's mission.
Daniel Stauffacher
Download and read the interview here.
This is vital reading for policymakers, practitioners and ICT4Peace activists.
Please also listen to a podcast with Daniel Stauffacher recorded in late 2006 on the same issues here with a related blog post here .