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Kristiina Rintakoski is a Senior Adviser at CMI. She is an expert on civilian crisis management, European security and peace building. Rintakoski has an extensive experience on strategy development, policy analysis and working with international and regional organisations on crisis management and peacebuilding. She joined CMI in October 2000 and worked two first years as a Security Policy Adviser for President Martti Ahtisaari.In 2003-2009 she worked as a Programme Director in CMI leading the development of CMI's crisis maqnagement, conflcit resolution and peacebuilding projects and activities.

Before joining CMI she worked in the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina as a Democratisation Officer. Her other previous placements have been at the Political Department of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, External Relations Directorate in the European Commission and in European organisations representing small and medium-sized enterprises (EUROPMI, Belgium 1995 and CNA, Italy 1996).