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GenevaNetwork recently launched its second report - A Time for Action. The GenevaNetwork is an informal group of individuals, including ourselves, concerned about the future of International Geneva.

A Time for Action explores and builds on the 9 Tasks identified in the GenevaNetwork’s first report,  published in September 2006, focusing in particular on themes which are relevant, if not urgent, for Geneva to prioritize if it wishes to reinforce its role as a leading international centre.

The numerous international organizations, NGOs, diplomatic missions, academic institutions, business headquarters, medical facilities and think tanks work daily on key issues and challenges of critical importance to the global community. Geneva is also respected and valued enormously for its long humanitarian tradition and its role as a neutral convener.

However, more needs to be done to ensure that new, emerging networks establish themselves in Geneva and, at the same time, that existing organizations feel encouraged to strengthen their presence in the region. This requires a comprehensive look at both operational and substantive issues that  affect the ability of the Lake Geneva region to compete internationally, from the reform of IGOs to the conference and hotel infrastructure available for international guests.

Through the launch of this report and the ideas and recommendations contained within, we hope  to provoke a discussion amongst all stakeholders about how Geneva could best move forward.  We would be delighted to receive your comments and feedback on the report.

To download the report and for more details on GenevaNetwork, please click here