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There is an increasing recognition amongst the international community, including governments, non-governmental organizations and the United Nations agencies that the timely collection and exchange of accurate and impartial information during humanitarian crises requires mayor improvements. Such improvements could contribute to save thousands of lives and requires the sustained commitment of the international community to effective management of information and knowledge, by using appropriate technologies, including Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). Used appropriately, ICTs can support all aspects and sectors of humanitarian work. While initiatives have been launched to mainstream ICTs in humanitarian aid and peacebuilding, none have been able to gain traction at the United Nations, intergovernmental and interagency level.  What this process proposes is precisely that – by harvesting existing best practices, recognizing and nurturing innovation and facilitating an international recognition of the important links between effective humanitarian response and the use of ICTs. 

Read the full concept note on the ICT4Peace process, launched at the United Nations in New York on 15th November 2007, here.