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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are pleased to launch the ICT4Peace Foundation's new website.

Our new website sports a new look and feel, and features enhanced functionality and ease of use. Featuring RSS feeds for easy access to information, new additions to the library and an updated and growing list of links to work of our partners and allied institutions, our website aims to be the world's clearinghouse for information and knowledge on ICT4Peace - featuring breaking news, incisive analysis, compelling research and opinions from the world's leading thought-leaders and visionaries.

We encourage you to browse through the new website and discover new resources. Over the coming weeks, we would have updated some of the content you see on this website to more fully reflect our current mandate, priority areas and project staffing. Accordingly, please bear with us if some of the information herein, which we migrated from the earlier avatar of the Foundation's site, is not yet entirely up to date.

In the meanwhile, for more information on our work, please read The ICT4Peace Foundation Programme of Work 2007-2008.

We hope you will join us in our work to secure and strengthen our evolving understanding of ICT4Peace and most importantly, how this embryonic field of practice and study can help transform the most pressing humanitarian issues and violent conflict of our times.


The ICT4Peace Foundation