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ICT4Peace’s Sanjana Hattotuwa has been invited to give a lecture on 27 March 2014 at the International Security Network (ISN) of ETH Zurich on "Big Data, ICTs and New Media in Times of Crisis“.

The International Relations and Security Network (ISN) is one of the world’s leading open access information services for both professionals and students who focus on international relations (IR) and security studies.

Established in 1994, its mission is to facilitate security-related dialogue and cooperation within a trusted network of international relations organizations, professionals and experts, and to provide open-source international relations and security-related tools and materials in accessible ways.The ISN is a project of the Center for Security Studies (CSS), at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich).

ICT4Peace’s key publications can also be found on the website of ISN.

Download invitation to this event here.

The presentation made by Sanjana Hattotuwa is embedded below, and can also be viewed here.