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In support of the first elections since the revolution in Tunisia on 23 October 2011, the Tunisian "Higher Independent Election Committee" or "Instance Supérieure Indépendante pour les Elections" (ISIE) has invited the ICT4Peace Foundation of Switzerland and Ushahidi to put in place the online election monitoring platform: "Carte de Controle du Processus Electorale". The project is financially and institutionally supported by the ICT4Peace Foundation and DCAF, Geneva.

Under the leadership of Kamal Sedra, ICT4Peace Senior Technical Advisor from Egypt, the ICT4Peace experts Eya Lahmar and Khaled Koubaa from Tunisia, Imad Bazzi from Lebanon and Farid Boushra from Egypt installed the Ushahidi platform and trained the mappers and verificators at ISIE headquarters.

A network of 850 trained reporters representing ISIE are deployed on field all over Tunisia sending reports and observations via sms to the portal where it will be validated by the mapping and verification center before it makes it to the online front-end of the portal which is available in Arabic & French.

You can also check the live video streaming page below showing the mapping and verification centre. You can also view this live stream directly here.

Watch live streaming video from discenter at