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ICT4Peace is pleased to announce, that the Zentrum für Internationalen Friedensdienst (ZIF) in Berlin and the ICT4 have signed an MoU, that will provide a framework for cooperation in the fields of education, training and promoting capacity development for African peace support training institutions as well as in the field of crisis information management. In particular, ZIF and ICT4Peace will cooperate in the furtherance of training and capacity building in the field of crisis information management for peace support operations.

A priority task of such cooperation is to elaborate and introduce best practice in training in the fields related to peace support operations (PSO), conflict resolution, crisis management and peace-building. In addition, the two partners will cooperate in the exchange of facilitators, experts, participants, training materials, and other relevant information. To that aim ZIF and ICT4Peace together with the Cairo Regional Center for Training on Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa (CCCPA), Egypt, The African Peace Support Trainers' Association (APSTA), The Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA), Sweden, The Center for Crisis Management (CMC), Finland have developed and will pilot a new training programme on crisis information management for Senior personnel for Joint Mission Analysis Centers (JMAC) and similar units in UN, African Union Peace operations. This course has been developed to strengthen and improving situational awareness and information management in crisis.

The ultimate goal is that this course will also given by African Peace-keeping and Peace-building Training Institutions, along with European Training Institutions, to cover the increasing need of qualified information managers in crisis operations.