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The challenge
for journalists and experts working in civilian crisis management is finding a way to filter the information and determine what is relevant with the overload of information, and further, to communicate that effectively to the right people in an efficient manner.

This course
introduces participants to a variety of new and social media tools, platforms and apps used in the collection, presentation, verification and dissemination of information.

Course modules will cover
new media in crises, information management in a crisis, OS-INT and big data, data visualisation, tools for collaboration, introduction to new cartographies and mapping tools, source verification over social media, security, safety and privacy plus data protection.

Delivered successfully and to wide acclaim by participants since 2013 the course will take place in Stans, in central Switzerland, from 30 January - 3 February 2017. For details of 2016's course and feedback, click here.

have the chance to do hands-on exercises using these tools through interactive activities and group work, while also learning about cyber-security to protect information, communications and sources.

To apply for the course please send a motivation letter and a CV that describes your background and the benefit the course would add to your professional expertise.

The application letter should not exceed 1 A4 page and has to be in English, which is the course language.

Please send applications to:

Questions on course & logistics to Anna Hofmann:

The course fee amounts to 2000.00 Swiss Francs, covering the costs for tuition and full board accommodation. Travel costs and insurance have to be covered by the participants.

Application ends Friday 2 December 2016.

Accepted participants will be informed by Friday 16 December 2016.