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PEACEapp is a global competition organized by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the United Nations Development Program in collaboration with Build Up to promote digital games and gamified apps as venues for cultural dialogue and conflict management.

You can read more details of the competition here.

PEACEapp builds on the success of Create UNAOC – a competition for apps and games that promoted intercultural dialogue run by UNAOC and its partners in 2012.

Drawing on the unique cultural resources and experiences of developers, technologists and budding peacebuilders around the world, appPEACE invites individuals and teams — beginners and experts alike — to create new digital games or use existing digital games to foster dialogue that prevents violence.

The competition asks entrants to engage with questions that are central to building peace. How can we create new spaces for dialogue and shared action aimed at preventing violence? Is the key to provide opportunities for contact among individuals of different cultural or religious backgrounds? Can sharing stories also encourage mutual respect for cultural and religious values? Or is it about offering people tools to question and reframe their identity?

These questions are key to the work of the UNAOC, given its mandate to promote intercultural awareness. These questions are also closely linked to UNDP’s work on conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

PEACEapp is supported by a range of partners including Games for Change, the Institute for Economics and Peace, the MIT Center for Civic Media and the ICT for Peace Foundation.

Sanjana Hattotuwa, Special Advisor at the ICT4Peace Foundation, was on the panel of judges for Create UNAOC in 2012 and is again a judge for PEACEapp.