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The ICT4Peace Foundation is pleased to publicly release its new wiki on the crisis in Burundi.

Curated by Sanjana Hattotuwa, Special Advisor at the Foundation, the wiki is meant to alert and raise awareness on the ongoing tragic political and humanitarian crisis in Burundi and provide timely, meaningful and urgently needed information for policy and decision makers as well as practitioners from Governments, International Organisations, civil society, business and media.

This collection of unique and widely acclaimed wikis created by the ICT4Peace Foundation are geared towards the humanitarian aid community as well as media and policy makers. They feature vital information from government, the UN system in the disaster / crisis stricken area, other NGOs, the World Bank, comprehensive situation reports, mapping information and GIS data, photos, video, who/what/where information and links to domestic and international media coverage.

Through social media and proprietary, institutional platforms and services, crisis related information and news is increasingly easy to find. However, problems around information scatter, hard to navigate web interfaces, plus the difficulty to distinguish rumour from verified content endure. The Burundi wiki features one-click access to the world’s leading sources of information, news and content as well as a design that allows it to be accessed over any modern tablet, smartphone or computer.

The Burundi wiki features,

  • A crisis briefing kit which can be read offline, with all relevant situation reports, maps and other content via the UN’s ReliefWeb
  • Disaggregated list of updates including appeals, assessments, news and press releases, UN documents and more, also from ReliefWeb
  • A list of government websites, in French and English
  • Link to all the information on Burundi hosted on the Humanitarian Data Exchange, managed by OCHA
  • Comprehensive set of maps, from OSM to Google Maps, UN cartographic information and other geo-spatial visualisations
  • List of media outlets in the country
  • Real time news and information updated from across the world, focussed on Burundi
  • Links to key social media accounts
  • Photos and videos from the ground
  • Podcasts on Burundi and the political situation
  • Burundi country profiles
  • Comprehensive list of constantly updated situation reports of Burundi
  • Snapshot of the conflict, including recent history
  • Facebook and Twitter links to updates from the groundList of UN operations and agencies working in or on Burundi
  • Videos on Burundi, including from CNN, other mainstream media and the web

The new wiki on Burundi by the ICT4Peace Foundation reflects a commitment to the provision of timely, meaningful information to a range of stakeholders on an on-going crisis.

The previous ICT4Peace wikis are as follows: