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Daniel Stauffacher, Chairman of the ICT4Peace Foundation, along with  Lars Peter Nissen, Director, Assessment Capacities Project participated in a panel on "Information and Communication Technology – Sustainable Solutions", organized by Prof. Jarrod  Goentzel, Founder and Director, MIT Humanitarian Response Lab at the 2012 Conference on Health and Humanitarian Logistics (, organized by INSEAD, KLU and Georgiatech.

The panel discussed the increasing role of technology for humanitarian crisis management and addressed in particular the following points:

  1. Examples where technology (e.g. mobile phones, satellite imagery) enables useful data gathering in a crisis.
  2. Analytical technology and processes that are needed to transform data into actionable information.
  3. Ways in which technology can extend the collective intelligence to improve decision-making among the host government, local communities, individual citizens, NGOs, private sector, military and donors.
  4. The keys to rolling out solutions on a larger scale for sustainable impact.

Download the Powerpoint presentation made at this session here.