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Responsibility to the Future Conference organised by Strategic Foresight Group with ICT4Peace Foundation

26-28 June 2008, Mumbai, India

Roundtable on ICTs for Peace-building and Crisis Management

How can information and communications technologies help build peace, mitigate disaster and efficiently address humanitarian needs? How can they prevent conflicts while enabling companies to earn profits?

•    Mr. Sanjana Hattotuwa, Special Advisor of ICT4Peace Foundation
•    Mr. Alain Modoux, former Assistant Director General of UNESCO
•    Lieutenant General Satish Nambiar, Director United Service Institution of India
•    Mr. Dag Nielsen, Director, Ericsson AB
•    General Deepak Sammanwar, former Director General Military Intelligence of India
•    Dr. Linton Wells II, Force Transformation Chair, National Defence University, former Acting Assistant Secretary of Defence of the US

•    Moderator: Ms Barbara Weekes, Director, Geneva Security Forum

•    Chair: Amb. Daniel Stauffacher, Chairman, ICT4Peace Foundation

Download the report in full here.