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UN Assistant Secretary General Patricio Civili in his letter to ICT4Peace Foundation on 26 October 2006 wrote:

Dear Mr. Stauffacher,

I am writing to follow up on our discussion in Geneva and to reiterate my full concurrence with the proposal you set out in your letter of 12 July to include the activities of The ICT4 Peace Foundation in the WSIS follow-up process under the Action Line C11: International and Regional Cooperation.

I also welcome the Foundation's interest in taking the lead in ICT-for-peace activities within the theme of Governance under the Global Alliance for ICT and Development.

As I have had occasion to tell you, I am very impressed by what the ICT4 Peace Foundation has accomplished in the short time since its founding and by the high caliber of its work and leadership. The activities you are contemplating have the potential to improve the lives of millions negatively affected by conflict.

I am pleased, therefore, to offer the partnership of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs and of the Global Alliance for ICT and Development in pursuing the proposals set out in your letter.
I invite you, in particular, to collaborate with our focal point for Action Line C11, and with Mr. Sarbuland Khan, the Executive Coordinator of the Global Alliance, so that we may, together, contribute to realizing the vision embodied in the WSIS outcome and help advance the worthy mission of your Foundation.

UNDESA looks forward to working with the Foundation and other partners to support the implementation of paragraph 36 ofthe Tunis Commitment and to promoting the cause ofICT
for peace through the Global Alliance.

Yours sincerely,

Patrizio Civili
Assistant Secretary-General