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Twitter feeds (from CNN / requires manual refresh) (aggregation from a number of sites / works best on Firefox / automatic refresh)

Wikipedia (refresh often for more updates and edits)

Google social media updates (this is updated every second automatically)

News services (live updates from the BBC) (for videos from news services and citizen journalism) (Google News aggregation of news updates on earthquake / refresh for updates) (CNN special page to cover earthquake)

UN + Reliefweb (MINUSTAH page) (Latest updates from Haiti / response times slow on account of traffic)

Blogs (refresh for updated blog posts, aggregated by Google)

Crisis Information Management (Ushahidi implementation has vital information up)

Wikis for aggregation ground info and help (by, well populated) (by the hugely respected Global Voices, updated regularly)

Crisis Information Management Providers (Ushahidi's efforts to respond to the earthquake) (wiki to help set up Sahana in Haiti)

Mapping data / Imagery etc (set up by Crisis Commons)

Please urgently pass on to friends and colleagues in need of the information here.