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On 20 May 2015 ICT4Peace was invited by the OSCE and the Government of Uzbekistan to participate in a national workshop in Tashkent on Regional and International Cyber/ICT Security, use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes and Cybercrime. The complete program can be found here.

The two-day workshop on cyber and ICT security issues brought together some 40 participants, including 10 international experts from Austria, Estonia, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA as well as representatives of the national parliament, judiciary, ministries for information technology, foreign affairs, academia and law enforcement agencies.

Mr. Ben HILLER, Cyber Security Officer, TNT Department, OSCE chaired and moderated the panel entitled 'Cyber/ICT security in the context of regional and international security/Cyber Diplomacy'.

The session reviewed regional/international efforts and processes designed to enhance international cyber/ICT security in particular on the policy and diplomatic level and between States.

Ben Hillers introductory remarks can be found here. The presentations of the panelists can be found as follows: